HBC was established in 1993 to meet the market demand for high-quality translation, localization and interpretation services. Through more than 25+ years of experience we have helped business, government entities, and individuals to communicate with the world.

Our head office and global service centre is based in the dynamic city of Cairo – Egypt.

Our Vision:

Delivering a full range of linguistic services to companies and organizations seeking global presence in a localized fashion.

Our Values

Applying HBC 3 steps’ Quality Assurance process and our effective utilization of CAT Tools speeds up translation while ensuring consistency. Specialized translations are preformed by subject mater specialists. Professional native speakers’ edit is conducted in conclusion of each project.


Our technical and linguistic expertise and adaptive outlook offer your company global presence with an eye on the particularity of your targeted local markets. Personal care for each and every client is our sincere pledge delivered in spite of our broad-base business.


Our dedicated core staff manages assigned projects in-house, HBC’s commitment to protecting the client’s confidentiality and strict adherence to deadlines sets our prominent offices in a class of its own. Heliopolis Business Center guarantees confidentiality and accuracy, authenticating each and every translated page with our formally recognized Seal & Director’s Signature.

Why Use Heliopolis Business Center

Heliopolis Business Center is accredited by the USA, UK, Canadian, French, Australian and all English, French and Arabic speaking countries’ embassies and governments as a certified translation office.
We offer a full range of professional translation, localization and interpretation services to companies worldwide in 8 languages pairs at competitive rates.

With Quality being the spine of our success, we DELIVER:

  •  Legal & Specialized Translation

  • Proven proficient expertise in numerous Languages and All Subjects

  • Translators are mother tongue linguists, working exclusively in their specialist industry fields.

  • We understand cultural differences and will use the precise terminology suitable for your industry

  • Thanks to our certified free-lance translators who support our in-house staff; HBC can easily perform large translation jobs as well as urgent small ones.

  • Multi-lingual scientists, engineers, and other distinguished native linguists possessing technical and creative ingenuity

  • Customized terminology dictionary for each industry and each client expedites the translation process and safeguards consistency

  • We offer turn-key solutions by adapting Total Management Approach into translation services. Our well coordinated team of translators, effective utilization of CAT Tools speed up translation and increase consistency

  • Commitment to protecting confidentiality and strict adherence to deadline distinguish our service.

  • We manage projects in-house

  • Receive a print-ready document preserving all original format thanks to our variety of software & desktop publishing team

  • Our rates are absolutely competitive compared to the quality of services offered

    Tight deadlines? No problem. HBC will help with

Accuracy  Professionalism  Confidentiality

Heliopolis Business Center guarantees confidentiality, accuracy authenticating each and every translated page with our formally recognized Seal & Signature.





Quality assurance:

Translation is performed by experienced professionals who are specialized in your specific subject matter.
Editing is meticulously performed by native speakers of the target language.
Proofreading is handled by the translators for third linguistic editing to insure accuracy, stylistically sound translations that reflects your establishment’s style.



Quality Guarantee, Accreditation:

HBC is endorsed by almost all embassies and governmental bodies as a certified translation office. We provide legal & specialized translations.
After binding the original or a copy of the document, we authenticate our translation by an affidavit; signing and stamping every page with our officially recognized seal and signature.


Quick Delivery:

We know that your time is valuable and HBC will be an extension to your office. To bridge the distance, documents are delivered via email or courier.





Whether there is a signed confidentiality agreement or not we safeguard each client’s work confidential,
Translations are performed by our in-house sworn-in translators
In line with confidentiality concerns, PDF protocols are utilized
In legal documents, relevant parties or (any other requested information) will be deleted to enhance security.
First class international courier delivery services will be assigned to deliver your printed translations, if required.


Accuracy Professionalism Confidentiality
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  • Quality

    We have great confidence in the quality of our services, you will pay nothing until you are completely satisfied.

  • Compliance with the deadline

    Thanks to our simple and straightforward processes as well as our highly skilled staff, we always deliver on time.

  • Pricing

    Our rates are absolutely competitive compared to the quality of services offered enabling you to achieve significant


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